Based on the following guidelines, please register your vehicle in the class-type that best conforms to your vehicle.  If you are not sure which class-type to enter, you will be able to re-classify your vehicle onsite, the day of the show.




Stock/Modified      Body and chassis retain stock style and lines and stock style interior.  The following modifications are allowed;  dealer installed or bolt on options, leveling, 12 volt electrical system and seat belt modifications, and non-stock wheels.


Modified/Custom   The following modifications are allowed; cutting or welding, chassis modifications, body and chassis do not retain stock lines, fiberglass replacements and/ or additions, engine performance modifications, non-VW paint scheme, or lowering.


Special Interest     VW chassis on a non-VW chassis / frame, or VW body on any other chassis /frame.


Thank you for your assistance and cooperation in helping make this a fun and fair event for everyone.

(Please be aware, that the event judging staff has the authority to re-classify any vehicle if it does not conform to the class guidelines as listed above)

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